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Welcome to our web page

Welcome to our web page
BulInTeh Company Ltd. focuses its efforts in the areas of production and marketing of steel structures and systems surrounding them.

Bulinteh is a company that was founded with a mission to develop practical character of the Bulgarian engineering thought. Our vision and mission for the development of steel construction lie at the heart of our name. BulInTeh means:
Bul - Bulgarian
                                 In - Engineering
                                                                     Tech - Technology
Why Bulgarian? We ourselves are Bulgarians, who have spent and spend their adult life and realize their activity in Bulgaria. Here is our root, is present here, and here are our children and our future. With its activity company Bulinteh seeks to demonstrate that the "Bulgarian" is synonymous with reliability, quality and accuracy.
Engineering? Engineering is the practical guidance of human knowledge. We rely on knowledge, seek continuous improvement and strive to become a controlled knowledge base of public prosperity and success of the Company.
Technologies? Contemporary approach to development and prosperity requires the manufacture and installation of building steel structures rely on technology. Bulinteh manufacturing concept is based on the use of modern technologies for planning and design, production, quality control and assembly.
We hope our website to be interesting and useful for you!
From the BulInTeh Ltd.

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